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Vulfix Edwardian Collection 3 piece Shaving Kit

Progress Vulfix


Type: Shaving Set

This stunning 3 piece Shaving Set is presented in an alluring translucent Opal Blue with Nickel plate trim.

  • 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  • Edwardian Style Razor with Mach 3 Razor Head
  • Double Arm Shaving Stand for Storage
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Made in UK

This Edwardian Style shaving set is finished in an alluring Opal Blue with a beautiful nickel plated trim. It will make the perfect gift for the discerning shaver. Manufactured to the highest standard, the quality of this product will ensure years of service.

Implements are all hand assembled and its' stunning presentation will grace any bathroom for years to come.

There are 3 components to this shaving set:

  1. Edwardian Style Mach3 Head Razor in Opal Blue
  2. Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush in Opal Blue
  3. Double Arm Shaving Stand for Razor and Brush Storage in Opal Blue

Brush and Razor sit easily onto the quality nickel plated double arm stand which is soft padded to help avoid marking bathroom surfaces.
Stand Height: 160mm

Progress Vulfix, also known as The Old Original Shaving Brush Company, have been producing shaving brushes for more than half a century and is the premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the UK. The company is renowned for its value for money, top end products and has gained a first class reputation for service in the wet shave market. All shaving brushes are hand made.

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