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The Flero Men's Leather Weekend Bag

Maxwell Scott


Type: Travel Bag

The FleroM is a practical and versatile leather weekend bag designed for the discerning traveller.

A versatile leather weekend bag for men with an interior zipped pocket ideal for short business trips.
Handmade in the heart of Italy using only the best handpicked Italian leather, this men’s luxury holdall will last many years and carries a 25 year Warranty

The Flero Men's Leather Weekend Bag is a stylish travel must have and remains one of our most popular travel items. Ideal for short weekends away, this holdall can accommodate all your essentials with ease and will remain looking completely elegant. Designed to stand the test of time, this weekend bag has been constructed using vegetable tanned Italian leather that will improve over the years and become even suppler. Lined in faux boar skin, the interior looks almost as good as the exterior and has been used due to its hard-wearing nature. We guarantee you will be over the moon with the look, feel and versatility of this definitive travel holdall.

Specification: Secure twin buckle straps, Floor to floor wide zip opening, Adjustable detachable shoulder strap, Metal feet to base, Capacity: 38 Litres (cabin size)

Dimensions: 51 x 29 x 25 cm (width, height, depth)

Weight: 2.1 kg,

Colours available: Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolate Brown, Night Black

Handmade in Italy using the finest Luxury Italian Cow Leather

What makes Maxwell Scott leather special?

They make it their responsibility to only select premium full-grain Italian hides, and take great care in understanding the production processes
behind the products. Full-grain leather is the thick top section of the cowhide and is considered the finest type. They don’t correct or alter
the hides before tanning, which leaves the natural folds and marks visible, and also beneficially leaves the hide in its strongest form pre-

The secret of the ‘signature’ leather lies in the use of tannins, which penetrate deep into the raw hides. The tannins they use originate from
the bark of chestnut trees, and help to enhance the quality, feel and longevity of the leather. Through use their leathers develop a beautiful
patina, which reveals warm and natural tones. This special characteristic ensures each and every product is unique. This traditional process
also allows marks and scratches to be buffed out effortlessly.

They like to keep it natural, so no chemicals are used in the process of dying our hides. This means that the products produced are
environmentally friendly, something which is very important to them. Not only this, but their tannery recovers, recycles and reuses as many
substances as possible used in the tanning process, thus producing very little waste. Their tannery is as passionate about tanning hides as they
are about making leather bags.

They're so confident about the longevity and quality of their leathers that they offer a 25-year warranty on every product.

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