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Simpsons Shaving Mug with handle.



Type: Shaving Mug

An excellent lathering/shaving bowl from a world renowned Shaving Brand, Simpsons.

  • Great for lathering pre-shave and during the shave
  • Useful handle helps prevent dropping or spilling
  • Made in UK by a leading Shaving Brand

The perfect addition to your Shaving armoury. The Simpsons Ceramic Shaving Cup is a brilliant lathering tool and handles easily during your wet shaving routine.

Many wet shavers use this type of shaving mug to firstly preheat the shaving brush in hot (not boiling) water before then using it as a lathering bowl. Great on a cold winters day!

It proudly bears the Simpsons logo.

Quintessential English Shaving. Simpsons, known worldwide for their shaving brush manufacturing expertise were established in 1919.


Overall Height: 100mm

Base Diam:90mm

Bowl Lip Diam: 120mm

Widest Point incl Handle: 140mm

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