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Simpsons Shaving Gift Set



Type: Gift Set

Wet Shave in Style. This Simpsons combo Gift Set provides 3 quality shaving items to help get your daily shave underway.

  • Large Simpsons Ceramic Shaving Mug with Handle
  • “The Duke3” Pure Badger Shaving Brush for a quality shave
  • Simpsons Luxury Shaving Cream Lavender & Vertivert
  • Made in England

Save ££s as opposed to buying these items separately.

Save with this Shaving Combo Pack from Simpsons.

Set Comprises:

Large Ceramic Shaving Bowl with handle

The Duke 3 Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Lavender & Vertivert Luxury Shaving Cream

Now you can wet shave in real style.

The Lathering Bowl will help produce a top grade lather using both the High Grade "Duke" Shaving Brush along with the Lavender and Vertivert Shaving Cream.

All products "brand" marked for authenticity.

Established in 1919 Simpsons continue to employ traditional shaving brush making skills thus producing top end, finest quality shaving products. Their standard of expertise is considered unmatched by many “hardcore” shaving brush users.


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