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Shavex Antiseptic Alum Block 40g

The Complete Man


Type: Post Shave

your Shavex Alum Block will help:

  • soothe shaving irritation
  • act as an astringent
  • quickly close pores
  • arrest bleeding from minor shave cuts
  • avoid razor burn and rashes
  • avoid spots and acne
  • act as an effective deodorant

40g approx

Shavex Antiseptic Alum

Shavex Alum Blocks are one of the best value Alum Blocks available.  The alum blocks are cut from 100% crystal alum and don't leave a white residue on the skin. They last for months even when used daily.
The Shavex Alum block comes with a cellophane seal and a convenient plastic storage container.

40g approx


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