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Parker HD Twist to Open Safety Razor 99R

Parker Razors


Type: Razor

One of Best Selling Safety razors from the Parker range. Superb confident handling and a superior shave.

Includes a free pack of 10 double edge safety razor blades worth a minimum of £2.00

With a traditional barber pole handle design this is an ever popular model in the Parker portfolio. One of the heaviest butterfly razor in the range. Great control and a great shave. Brass core and nickel plated, this is a superior traditional shaving razor.

Parker Razors have been producing quality Safety Razors for well over 30 years now. Their precise engineering techniques have given them a reputation for quality, value for money products.

Twist to Open or Butterfly Razors as they are sometimes called allows quick easy blade replacement. The handle twists to open the butterfly "flaps" where the blade can be carefully removed and replaced when necessary. It also allows easy access for cleaning after the shave.

Overall Length 110mm
Razor Type Butterfly, Double Edge Safety Razor
Weight 105g

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