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Parker 3 piece DE Safety Razor 71R

Parker Razors


Type: Razor

Looking for a stylish, practical Safety Razor? The Parker 71R is both and is a great razor to choose if you’re new to Safety Razor Shaving.

Let’s get you started with 10 Safety Razor Blades free of charge and a set of useful shaving guidelines.

A modern style and one of the heaviest safety razors from Parker Razors. An attractive addition to your shaving razor collection. Handling is superb due mainly to the black knurled handle and the comfortable weight of the razor. A great choice for the established or novice wet shaver.

Construction: Solid brass core & polished chrome finish providing excellent durability. Contrasting black textured handle

Usage instructions included.

Care should be taken when handling Safety Razor Blades (including Disposal) and are NOT FOR SALE TO THOSE UNDER 18 years of age.

Razor Type 3 piece
Overall Length 100mm
Weight 85g

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