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Old Original Shaving Brush Company Shaving Mug

Progress Vulfix


Type: Shaving Mug

Old Original Shaving Brush Company Shaving Mug

An excellent Gift for the Traditional Wet Shaver. A ceramic lathering/shaving bowl from a world renowned Shaving Brand, Progress Vulfix.

  • Great for lathering and warming the shaving brush
  • Useful handle makes it easy to hold and use
  • Made in UK by a leading Shaving Brand

Revive the art of Wet Shaving with this "Vulfix" Old Original Shaving Brush Company Shaving Mug.

Many traditional wet shavers use this type of shaving mug to heat the shaving brush in hot water and to enjoy producing a rich lather from the soap "dish" at the top. Great on a cold winters day!

Here's how you do it.

  1. Pour hot water into the spout
  2. Place your shaving soap into the dish
  3. Steam from the mug will begin to pentrate the soap and apart from creating an evocative aroma will make it easier to produce a rich lather.
  4. The shaving brush can be dipped into the water. It is best to keep it there for a while to warm the brush.
  5. Enjoy the timeless tradition of wet shaving


Overall Height: 105mm

Base Diam:85mm

Soap Bowl Diam: 75mm

Widest Point incl Handle: 150mm

We recommend the small Vulfix Shaving Soap for use with this product.

Overall Height 105mm
Bowl Diam 75mm

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