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Mühle 3 piece Fusion Razor + Vegan Shaving Brush Shaving Set



Type: Shaving Set

If you want style and sophistication then this will be an appropriate choice for the serious wet shaver.
This 3 piece shaving set consists of brush and razor handles made of a high grade resin finished in either black or ivory colours or a real wood reddish plum finish. The Fusion Razor has been produced to accept Gillette Fusion 5 blade cartridge blades. For those who have not used "Black Fibre" before as a shaving brush alternative to badger hair this will no doubt be a positive experience. The Shaving Brush has excellent water retention properties making lathering far easier, essential for a great shave.
Brush and razor are neatly fitted onto the quality chrome plated stand for convenience.

We are confident that this vegan alternative to pure badger hair will provide you with an exceptional wet shave.

Razor Type Gillette Fusion compatible
Brush Type Black Fibre, Synthetic Hair
Stand Description Double Hanging Arm
Stand Dimensions 145mm x 60mm

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