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Merkur 15C Open Comb DE Safety Razor



Type: Razor

The Merkur 15C is a great choice if you are thinking of choosing an “open tooth” Razor. It’s a lightweight “open comb” Classic Design.

Includes 1 x Merkur Blade


The Merkur 15C a great choice if you are thinking of choosing an "open tooth" Razor.

An "open comb" razor head provides an effective shaving tool for those with thicker, coarser beard stubble. If you have held back from purchasing an open comb razor before then this is an ideal choice to get you started.

Its lightweight (53g) ensures great manoeuvrability and in no time this will become one of your favoured shaving tools. Finish quality is superb.
Chrome plated with a knurled grip design on the handle.

Ideal for: the first time "open comb" wet shaver. Also ideal for travel use.

Company Background: Merkur of Solingen are a world leading innovator of quality shaving products since 1896

Care should be taken when handling Safety Razor Blades (including Disposal) and are NOT FOR SALE TO THOSE UNDER 18 years of age.

Overall Length 80mm
Handle Length 73mm
Weight 53g
Razor Type Open Comb

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