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Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush Stand & Holder

Edwin Jagger


  • Extend the useful life of your Shaving Brush
  • Prevent a "musty" Shaving Brush
  • Keep your bathroom tidy

Available in Ivory, Ebony, Tortoise Shell or Clear. 

This inexpensive free standing shaving brush drip stand in high impact plastic features an adhesive pad to enable the unit to be stuck to the bathroom wall.

A Shaving Brush should never be stored on it's base with the hairs facing upwards. Moisture will eventually degrade the base of the brush hairs creating a foisty smell and an under-performing Shaving Brush.

The answer? You don't have to spend a fortune. Choose a low cost Shaving Brush Stand and get more from your Shaving tools.


Neck Opening: Small: 21mm, Large:27mm

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