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Edwin Jagger Proglide Fusion Razor R353CRF in Blue/White Chrome

Edwin Jagger


Type: Razor

It's time to own a superb new, sleek Edwin Jagger Fusion razor. The new brighter blue/white electroplated chrome finish produces a razor of note. The contrasting modern blue handle is a notable feature of the perfectly shaped handle. It is designed not only to visually thrill but to produce a superb shaving experience, time after time.
This razor is well balanced and utilises the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor System to good effect.

The new 353 series is certainly here to stay and ushers in a new era of shaving style from the UK's leading traditional shaving brand.

Care should be taken when handling Razor Blades (including Disposal) and are NOT FOR SALE TO THOSE UNDER 18 years of age.


Razor Type Gillette Fusion Proglide Head
Finish Blue/White Chrome
Overall Length 130mm
Weight 94g


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