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Edwin Jagger Cooling Menthol Shaving Soap

Edwin Jagger


Type: Shaving Soap

An ideal Hard Shaving Soap which will fit most Shaving Bowls.

  • Suitable for all Skin Types
  • A Refreshingly Stimulating Fragrance
  • Helps to Soothe & Refresh the Skin
  • Made from Natural extracts of Cooling Menthol 
  • Paraben & Paraffin Free
  • Made from 99% Natural Ingredients

The Traditional Shaving Soap from Edwin Jagger is an ideal hard soap refill and will fit most popular shaving bowls. Use with a quality Shaving
Brush and you'll soon be producing a luxurious creamy shaving lather. Delicately fragranced, Cooling Menthol shaving soap will help soften the beard in preparation for a satisfying shave.

A wonderful shave in prospect is further enhanced by using natural extracts of Cooling Menthol  which help to produce luxurious lathering properties and a smooth shave experience.

All Edwin Jagger products are Paraben and Paraffin free. Environmentally aware Edwin Jagger products are made from 99% natural ingredients, many derived from organically cultivated plants.

Fragrance Cooling Menthol
Weight 65g
Dimensions 63mm x 25mm

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