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Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl with Lid and Internal Warming Bowl

Edwin Jagger


Type: Shaving Bowl

Re-live the age of traditional shaving. Pre-heat your shaving soap or cream for the perfect shave.

The idea of a perfect shave is a step closer with this old fashioned Shaving Bowl arrangement. Try these easy steps:

  1. Add some hot (not boiling) water to the "outer" porcelain base.
  2. Now add your shaving soap or cream of choice to the soap bowl
  3. Place on top of the base and cover with the lid.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes. The heat from the water will gently warm the soap making it easier to lather and apply. An additional benefit is the enhanced fragrance produced from the warming soap. Wonderful!

Available in Black or Ivory Colours and is suitable for all Edwin Jagger 65g Shaving Soaps

Approx Stainless Bowl Diam: 50 widening to 80mm

Approx Stainless Steel Bowl Depth: 35mm

Approx Overall Depth: 80mm

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