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Edwin Jagger Alum Block 54g

Edwin Jagger


Type: Post Shave

Edwin Jagger Alum Block will help:

  • soothe shaving irritation
  • act as an astringent
  • quickly close pores
  • arrest bleeding from minor shave cuts
  • avoid razor burn and rashes
  • avoid spots and acne
  • act as an effective deodorant


The Edwin Jagger Alum Block is a useful and effective way to treat minor nicks and cuts during shaving.

A Potassium Alum Block will help close pores and reduce the risk of infection. It also has antiseptic properties and is great for treating acne and spots.

Useful treatment for stopping bleeding caused by minor nicks and cuts occasionally picked up by even the most careful of wet shavers.

Other uses include application as a deodorant applied under the arms following bathing.

Lightly moisten the block with cold water and apply to the face as needed.

54g approx


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