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Dovo Satin Finish Luxury Men’s Manicure Set with Nasal Hair Trimmer



If you buy it as a gift for someone else…you may be tempted to keep it yourself!

  • Implements: Satin Finish Stainless Steel

  • Case Material: Calf Leather 

  • Case Size: 90mm x 105m

  • Colour: Tan

  • Pieces: 5

  • Heavy Duty Nail Clippers

  • Klipette Nose Hair Trimmer

  • Double Ended Cuticle Shaper

  • Slanted Tweezers

  • Sapphire Nail File

What is really pleasing about this luxury manicure set is how good it feels to use. From the moment you pick up the calf leather case and enjoy it’s reassuring leather aroma you realise this is a grooming kit worth having.

You can easily get your nails into shape with the tools included but what’s really impressive is the Klipette Nose Hair Trimmer. Resist prodding about in your nostrils with scissors, (yes, it could be dangerous) instead utilise the nose hair trimmer which not only is effective but hygienic. It can easily be cleaned out after use.

All tools are fashioned from hardened stainless steel and finished in a smart Satin finish.

 Made in Germany by one of the world’s leading Grooming Brands, Dovo

Dovo Gift Box Presented.

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