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Shaving Brushes Guide

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best Shaving Brush for your needs. The vast choice available can be confusing but the following guide can help you make the correct decision. 

Pure bristle:

SourceUsually from Hog, Badger or Imitation Bristle. 

Feel: Stiff 

Water Retention: Not good 

Pros/Cons: Very low cost. Will naturally exfoliate during the shave. May be too irritating for some. 

Typical User: Favoured by those wet shavers who prefer a stiffer feel to the brush and first time wet shavers. 

Pure Badger

Source: Badger hair usually grey in colour, some silver colouration. 

Feel: Slightly coarser than best badger but still has a soft feel. 

Water Retention: Good 

Pros/Cons: Works up a good lather due to good water retention. Mid-price range. Good for exfoliating. 

Typical User: A great choice for new and established wet shavers. 

Best Badger

Source: High quality Badger hair, harvested from the main body of pelt 

Feel: Very soft 

Water Retention: Very Good 

Pros/Cons: Excellent at producing a luxurious lather. Feels soft on the skin. Cost relatively higher. 

Typical User: Established & new wet shavers for those preferring a softer feel. 

Silvertip / Super Badger: 

Source: Handcrafted finest badger hair originating from the badgers back. Silver coloured 

Feel: Extremely Soft 

Water Retention: Superb 

Pros/Cons: Used by many experienced shavers for outstanding performance and longevity. Produces the best lather. High relative cost 

Typical User: For those desiring the finest, luxurious shaving experience. 

Synthetic Silvertip / Black Fibre: 

Source: Synthetically produced. Man-made. 

Feel: Very Soft 

Water Retention: Excellent 

Pros/Cons: Cost advantage versus real silvertip badger hair. The uninitiated wouldn’t tell the difference between fine synthetic fibres and real badger hair. 

Typical User: For those desiring a soft shaving hair brush but prefer not to use real animal hair. Those sourcing Vegan products.