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Shaving Stands

Shaving Brush Stands and Razor Stands. Designed to protect your Shaving Tools from knocks and drops.

Most Shaving Brush manufacturers recommend the use of a Shaving Brush Drip Stand.

With the brush facing downwards this ensures that excess moisture dries naturally, and does not collect at the base of the brush hairs. This can soon cause bristle degradation and results in a musty smell.

Protect your razor from damage by using a custom made Razor Holder or Stand. Not only will it help to keep your bathroom tidy but will help protect the razor from knocks. The leather razor pouches are also a must when travelling with your razor preventing possible cuts fingers when delving into your washbag.

Our range includes branded leather pouches from Dovo and Parker Razors plus chrome razor stands and cones ideal for most razor storage.