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Safety Razors

Traditional Shaving is encapsulated in the Safety Razor. 

The commonly called Double Edge Razor or DE razor requires a separate shaving blade which is inserted into the head. These are relatively very cheap when compared to the cartridge head replacements for the Mach 3 and Fusion. The DE Razor generally comes as a 3 piece screw top rod where the head is unscrewed for razor blade insertion or as a Twist to open (TTO) butterfly head where the head cleverly opens out to allow the blade to be placed within.

Variations of the DE Razor include a Closed Comb option or an Open Comb (Open Tooth) option.

The closed comb refers to the razor heads solid bar running along the cutting edge. It provides a degree of protection for the user from the blade and is generally considered less aggressive than the open tooth version.

Commonly are called the Butterfly Razors.  This is a 2 piece razor where the head cleverly opens out to allow blade insertion. The key advantages of this type of safety razor are ease of blade replacement and cleanliness. The “butterfly” is easily opened by twisting the handle to allow the head to be quickly flushed through with clean water.

Most experienced traditional wet shavers comment that a safety razor gives a smoother, closer shave.

Shaving with this type of razor produces a comfortable, close, but non-aggressive shave and is therefore ideal for first time Safety Razor users.